Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's Up?

So I thought I would give a Update...

For those of you who cant believe I really do hang "most" of my clothes..heres the pictures. Now Marcie don't be a hater..Yes it's a LARGE line :)

This is Dylan's favorite place to hide..in the pantry..I think he knows his snacks are in there!

This is Dylan and his cousin Jeffery Jr.-they are 2 weeks apart and they are tring to figure eachother out...

Seth, Faith and I think Alexis

Yesterday-Monday we went to a Grief Camp. This is a place that kids go when they had abuse or other major home issues. Once a year the church puts on a "rodeo" theme night were they rope, barrel race, play flag football and hand out candy, rodeo tickets, watermellon, new hats, and ropes..It was a fun couple hours!

Ps..just for kicks I'll tell you..
Gas 3.58-3.61gal :)


The Young Family said...

Sure rub in the gas prices! I was so excited to see ours go down under 4.00 a gallon! 3.93... we are living the high life!

that is a serious clothes line! love it!


Sharon Thompson said...

Thanks for the faithful blogging. Yes, one picture IS worth 1,000 words. I was trying to picture your yard (& yes, you hanging clothes) & voila .... now I can! Lovely big yard .... and lovely hardwood floors!

Keep posting and we'll keep looking :-)

Love you,

littlehappyone said...

That is a LONG clothesline.... I had a nice chat with Mike yesterday, mixed your cell phone numbers up, teeheehee! I will call you SOON SOON SOON and tell you all about youth camp this year... it rocked! Miss you, love you, need you to help me with my new volunteer endeavor I am like a fish out of water.... not used to being the "director", I am a great Aaron but not Moses!

Marcie said...

OHMYGOSH Thank you!! I know you posted that clothes line for me!! BLESS YOU!! Its freakin' awesome!! I need one like that!!!!!!!!!!
Everything looks beautiful.
I'm thinking October to come visit?? HOws that work for you!!??

Remember Noah already told the kids about "how lucky he is that he gets to visit you all!"