Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday My Twins!

Faith and Seths Song is one boy one girl on my playlist for you to hear..

Chicken fight!!

Bananna Splits


Lets Swim

Beautiful Girls

Look, I can float all by myself!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Faith and Seth!
We had fun, although It wasnt the same without all our friends and family in Seattle!
We love and miss you all..


The Young Family said...

Happy Birthday!!

Looks like so much fun, I want to come jump in your pool.


Sharon Thompson said...

I can hear the laughter and kids screaming now. I sure missed all that. It was awfully quite here on that day. A first for my backyard on Aug.10. But it clearly was a great time for all, and that's a very good thing :-)

Loving you all so much,
Mom /Grandma