Sunday, October 23, 2005

Here is mommy and her babies the day before Mike and I leave for New Orleands..Always like to take a current picture! We will have one soon with daddy in it too..Next postings will be our trip!

Look at these Hotties!!
My friends Danae' and Jess and Me :)
Out on the town

Here is Hope the day before she did a back flip out of the crib and landed flat on her back..Yesterday it was cute when she was tring to climb funny`

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sorry everybody that is has taken so long for me to start a new blog! I wanted to get it up and runing again before baby Hopes first birthday and before Christmas,being that I will bew taking sooo many picture then. Mike and I will be heading out for New Orleands and will post some of the pictures here when we get home.We love you all and thank you for taking an intrest in our lives..

Baby in the Pumkins!!

Every year we have taken pictures of the kids in the pumkins, well every year the babies have always cried..They hate sitting on the pumkins while dad gets them to look at the camra and mom snaps the secound to late..Baby Hope loved sitting her little bum in the pumkins and seeing the flash go off..Finally a girl just like her mommy :)

Here we all are.."Karen taking pictures arn't THAT bad"

Pumkin Patch!

We Love it!