Monday, May 29, 2006

So who did she learn this from?? Not ME..

Baby Dressed Up

Monday, May 22, 2006

Party Time

So the reason I haven't posted in a while was I was busy planning a very important party! I'm going to put the before and after party pic's below and you can take a look!

I want to Thank Julia for all your help with everything, your the best, I'm glad you were beside me!
Christine: Your the best, give you a job and it's done! Thank You! Olaf,man after the long days you pull at work you came and took orders from me! Thank you for pulling off my vision!Mike and Mom, thank you for all your help both nights, couldn't do it without you! My husband, thank you for still being married to me after all the freek outs! It's always is worth it in the end! Thank You for being my vision and helping me make this one come to I don't think anyone will notice that their tress are missing from there back yard??

Monday, May 01, 2006

This went well...

I found that writing my thoughs out instead of just putting up pictures had its share of reviews.. so I think that maybe I'll write somemore...I never knew that being who God created you to be could sometimes be so hard. To take the road less traveled. To do what God is calling you to do, verses the easy way. As families struggle to make day to day choices and then choices that may effect our families direction, I challenge you as Jess has,to have a mission statement and run all things through that. Something in Steves message that stands out is...God doesn't change His mind on the calling He has for your life... When the going gets tough and we want to throw our hands up and get out of dodge, the Lord doesn't then say.."Hey you know this is too tough for you, let me change what I have created you for and the destiny I have for your life.." Yah right! The Lord remains steadfast as He has instructed us to do. This is then the "testing of our faith" for after our faith has been tested, it is only then, we can see the glories work of His hands!