Friday, September 15, 2006

Pictures Finally

Heres some pictures of the new house and the kids first day of school. They are so cute! Oh and the house is nice to. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to School

So you couldn't get me to blog about the new house but..I will be letting you in on the first day of school. Pictures to come! Well it was off to school this morning. Alexis was the first up around 7:30, 15 minutes before the alarm clock went off..which I made her get into my bed until then :) then up and getting into the cute outfit that was laid out the night before..hope I can continue that!? Oh did I mention Seth was already up and watching TV down stairs..That boy is a morning person. :( anyway..A little russle and bussle in the house as everyone else realizes its time for the first day of school which means they can wear the clothes they haven't been able to touch till now. Clothes on in a matter of moments and then to the task of teeth, hair and breakfast which should I mention I went shopping the day before and got a bunch of stuff I can just pop in the toaster or microwave to cook..hey I have 3 kids going to school now and its all about sleeping until the longest possible moment for me!..So back to business..then we had time to kill(yah that wont happen to often!)..tried to get the kids to just relax for a little while so I could get dressed and take some first day of school pictures. Take the pictures load everyone into the car and off we go..Get out of the car and the bell rings, I think it is the 5 minute warning bell so we get to the class room and the door is locked.."weird" I'm thinking..the teacher comes to the door and ushers Alexis in..everyone else is sitting nicely and ready to learn, yah were late..the first day..I think school starts at 8:45 when it starts at 8:40..well back in the car and back home where I get pulled over..(another story for another time) and I spend the next 3 hours hearing.."Is it time yet?" "when are we leaving"...Um did I not mention the twins have 1/2 day kindergarten in the afternoon. Try to keep these kids ocupided for 3 hours while they are in there first day of school I want to impress the teachers outfit..Yah right...Finally for me it was time to go..I left 1/2 hour early this time!!:) Or maybe it was 45 minutes early..What?... I didn't want to be late this time! So we wait in the car till dad shows up to see Faith and Seth off to school. At last quite time..Nope..The baby chooses to cry nonstop while I run to the church offices..Then insists that I hold her..Ok who's running this show here?.never mind..I think I know. So it will take awhile to get into the pace of the new morning routines and afternoon melt downs, errands, housework(bigger house more work!) and....Quite time? Oh yah, I did want to actually exercise in that time too..good thing they don't have homework yet..
So my life looks and appears to be easy but I just take it in stride well..3 kids in school is a big jump from 1. Right Julia? So thats my day in a nut shell. Now its off to finding the kids who have quitely snuck out the back door to go play with there friends..after being told time to come in..and it off to making dinner, lunches, laying out the clothes for tomorrow,finishing the load of laundry in the dryer,taking baths putting the kids down to bed which I will be doing for about an hour..then taking a moment to get myself ready for bed..and making sure I at least say "hi" to my husband who somewere in this jumble came home from work.
I'm sure most of you can realate to this kind of day! (not the dinner part for Jess :) omg that was too funny! had to say it..sorry..
So hope to read your storys!