Friday, July 25, 2008

Some Thoughts

So I know I dont usually write, but cause I cant talk to anyone I thought I would share alittle about this moving thing and maybe share something new.

Yes, its hot. Mostly in the high 90's right now..looks like it will be 100 this week. Although its hot it gives you a good excuse to clean the house, its nice and cool in here! Also a good thing about that is I try to save energy and hang dry my clothes.Now for those of you who know me I have normally a ton of laundry.Sometimes around 3 loads or more a day. Well that has changed because we pretty much stay in the few pairs of shorts and tanks we own and bathing suits. So I have been doing 1 or less loads a day and hanging them out to dry. It only takes around 30 min for them to dry.
Pool Ownership-
We love the pool, but it is a every day job. We haven't been able to get the chemicals where we want the yet due to the endless leaves and other things that get in there..I think we should have it soon..Its not too bad, it is diffidently swim able..And I'm picky about what I swim in :)
I would say there are more bugs here. The first little while we were here I kept getting bit by something..but now its a little better. I only have 2 bites. The ants are pretty bad and they bite. The big bugs well I only see them deed in the pool..the big roaches and crickets the size of your head (slight exaggeration).
New House-
As you can see from posts before this we like it and continue to put our touches on things. We cant wait to really put a big dent in some of the bigger projects.
Some of you have heared but we went to a great church last Sunday called "The Cowboy Way" it was really fun and the Pastors are really nice. Small church just getting started and we really like what they believe. Mike and I find it funny at the same time great that we may have found a church so fast. We will go to a different church this Sunday while they have a guest speaker. We will be going with them next Monday to a grief camp where they spend time with kids who are in the cps system. We look forward to that..
We..I miss serving..I'm board..I cant wait to get involved again.
Well nothing really yet. Mike has some work with a company doing some work..sounds like they may have other jobs, but we will see. He has had 3 interviews with a company and they wanted to put him in the field but we haven't yet heared anything else since Tuesday. We have enough money to make it though this next month but after up to God. As I was talking to Mike about that last night I looked out the window of the car and there was a rainbow..I think that was Gods way of telling me He is in control..and I really believe that right now
Slow Pace-
So you know how it takes a while to go to Walmart..well here it is the slowest thing I have ever done. I can not believe how long it takes to get anything at Walmart! There is NO fast trip in and out. Now granted they are the Super Walmarts but every line could be open to check out and it still take like 40 minutes. Good thing they freeze the ice cream harder here or you would have to get a new carton before you leave.
Gas Prices-
We are at $3.83 Right now and it seems to be getting lower every day.
Well this is the hardest part. I miss all my friends. I have Skype and been talking to Julia and it helps a little bit, but its no the same.
We have meet some people and they are nice. The neighbor family invited us to the church we like. We met one other family from there and have had them over for swimming, but its starting all over, you know-Yes we have my step dads kids but they haven't yet been over.I invited but they are busy and one is out of town...This has been an emotional week for me..
Fun Facts-
Yes, they talk funny down here..some funnier than others.
Sundays are day when you have to put far too many clothes on..
Make-up..what make-up it just rolls off the moment you get outside..So you learn fast that your base tan is your foundation and everything else you buy water resistant.
Barbecue is good-better than there!
Mexican food is awesome
You can only hang the Texas flag with the American flag and don't tell anyone you want to hang it in your kids room-cause you just insulted them!
You cant find a Texas flag anywhere 'cause they heared I was looken'
Yes, everyone is friendlier
They all but take blood to register your kids for school-wow!
Not everything is cheaper here..
The roads are amazing-rarely any traffic even during rush hours..or hours in Seattle :)
Speaking of careful of the toll roads they can really cost you..well anything having to do with transportation can really cost you..maybe that's why the roads are so good and the traffic is none.
Well that's all for now-
Keep in touch!

Faith's Room

So Faith wanted a Hannah Montanna Room
So instead of buying all the over priced stuff..we purchased 2 posters a bedspread a pillow and a few wall stickers. We took the design idea from this and went to work :)
She has the butterfly and gutair design and the signature flowers on the otherside. What you dont see is the two posters and stickers on each side of the door when you walk in. She loves it and it wasnt too much to make special :) I think maybe we will put FT on the other side of the HM..but we will see. Also we need some cute white night stands..Garage Sales here I come :)

This also says "Super Star" in the courner

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sweet Pictures and Memories

If you dont have your speakers on..turn them on :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dylan Eats and Sniffles

Baby Dylan likes to eat and sniffle...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some House Pictures

So.. I know some of you are "bugging" out and cant wait to see some pictures of our here are some pictures of some rooms that are NEAR completion.. I hate putting pictures up when things aren't perfect..but we have to get more money in order to get some missing pieces of furniture. :)

This is the mural and new paint colors we did our master bedroom

While one side of our room is almost soild windows the other side has two glass doors for bedroom our solution for now..I think it works :)

My kitchen..We have painted and updated some things..I want to redo the counter tops at some point too.
I am collecting wine boottle lables and decor..I have some small pices I have added so far.

The dinning/sitting area. This room is coming along..
I still have to add some new family pictures and we will be taking out the tile and putting the smae hardwood thats in the house in its place. Also were you see the windows on the very left will be our new back door. We then will take out the fireplace. (it doesnt work)

I will post some more pictures soon-
Mike is finishing the down stairs bathroom with new counter top and stay tuned :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Highlights From the Road Trip

Although there are many pictures of all the things the boys saw as they drove, I have put on the state line pictures to highlight how they traveled.

Ps. I know you girls are waiting to see pictures of the worries they are coming, but I have to make sure I've unpacked everything first! :)