Monday, April 24, 2006


I know this is strange an unlike me but I thought I would just write about a few things on my mind.. So I was thinking about something pastor said on Sunday and came up with this question..maybe some of you have a good answer.."How do you go towards what you want, without seeking after the things you don't have?". Now I know this sounds like it is a easy answer but I just find that it isn't THAT easy. I mean you want to move forward in your life and move into a new stage, right. Well you also don't want to get so focused on the things you don't have that you then loose sight of the great thing that are in front of you. I guess its about balance and finding a good middle ground. That's what I have been thinking about the last day.
Also my old friend who is still dear to my heart is moving away and I have been thinking about trying to talk to her one more time before she goes. I feel like I want to tell her I'll be there for her when she is ready and the Lord loves her but I know she already knows that. Maybe it's just closer I seek? So what do you say to someone who has closed the book on you but you feel like there is still so much unsaid for yourself? I think I will write something in a card and send it..
On a happy note when God closes the door on one thing He sure does open another. I have been so blessed to find new friends to share life together. I see even now that the Lord is bring new people into my life everyday..It's one of those things that once you put forward even the littlest effort God meets you.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Easter Sunday was beautiful! The pictures don't do justice for the way everything looked! I was proud. More than that I was proud being able to sing next to people I admire. What a honor to be able to serve with people who's hearts seeks after God! Thank You to all of you Karen S, Jess, Andrea and everyone else you worked so hard!! Karen K Thank You for all your hard work in making the Easter Kids Choir look and sound so good!

In my family we all know it is a special shout out to my grandma who passed away so early in life, olives on our fingers! Better make sure your kids do it too Nate!

Cute kids in special Easter Dresses and digs! Thanks Grandma C.

The Hunt is ON!!
This is how we all felt when the day was over!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Family Pictures

So Here they are our family pictures for 2006. I'm not sure what Seth thought we were doing at the park? He must have figured we were there to catch bugs..In his mouth..Every picture of the boy was a mad face or wide open for the bugs to fly in..So when you have a family of 4 kids make sure you have lots of time and lots of film this first picture isn't the best of me and faith but it is cute..

I like this photo of Mike and I. We were able to snap a good one in between yelling at the kids to stay away from the lake.

Seth is handsome in the pictures with mom..I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here is a good example of the mouth open thing!

I don't know why baby didn't want to climb up on the rail?
Yep, sometimes you just have to get what you can and just wing it when you can't!

Monday, April 03, 2006

My Baby is growing up!

My sweet baby is not much of a baby anymore..Thought I would attempt to post these pictures last time I tried and failed 3 times!

My children are truly the loves of my life.(yes my husband too)