Monday, January 28, 2008

My Baby Turns 8

Alexis, my beauty!!

Oh how you have grown up...Looking through all the pictures of you and seeing how fast you have grown.

My sweet baby HAPPY 8Th BIRTHDAY

January 28, 2000




This is the day Alexis brings home the large 4 foot trophy in her pageant.

Too CUTE 2003



Summer at the Beach 2006

Christmas 2007

With Uncle Nathan

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Moms 50th birthday Weekend!!

Lots of pictures of this great weekend we spent with my family from all over the US. We had 16 out of town relatives come and spend the weekend with us to celebrate my moms 50Th birthday! What a FULL and Busy weekend.
Thursday night we had a big spaghetti dinner.
Friday I made a huge brunch and we had a small baby shower for my sister in law and then we headed of to Woodenville for the winery tour.
Saturday morning we landed in Pikes Place for some good meat and cheese at the Italian market and Mac and Cheese at the cheese making place. Then for Mike and I it was off to set the hall up for the special night. Lots of work, some tears (I wanted it perfect) and a sigh of relief!
Sunday was more relaxing, lots of food and fun, took in 27 dresses with my sister in law, while my brother and husband saw some really bad movie..cant even remember the name.
Monday and Tuesday..getting life back to normal :)
Enjoy the pictures..while I realize some of the pictures may not be the most flattering..I pride my self in giving you pictures that capture the true essence of the fun we had, even if maybe I have a better picture.



My Brother Nathan his Wife Susanne-Baby Bella-Ann and unborn baby boy :)

My best Buddie- Jules what a blessing you are! Thanks for all your help..again! You look great!

A toast to the birthday girl, mom you look awsome in this picture and I think it really captures the beauty of you and this weekend!

Kids singing "get the party started(kids version)" for grandma, and to kick of the party-which they left shortly after singing..but don't they look cute :)

Grandpa and his girl

Fun touring the winery's

Mike and I

Victoria (little sis) and mom

Mom and Me

My best Cousin Angie
Girls at the Brunch

Mike and I at the party :)

Well thats all I can show you ;)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Birthday Party

Mommy get your Gun!

Just in case you cant believe what I did to the place...Check it out..

Some 'Fun" pictures

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Joy

Something happens at Christmas time after you have children..It becomes less about you and more about providing all the joy you can for your children. Mike and I did not exchange gifts this year so that we could give our children gifts. The sheer joy of watching there faces light up when they open gifts is the true blessing.
Below is one of the best gifts we were given from the kids. Seth and Faith made us a plate. The reason why this is so special to me is because my mom still has the plate I made her over 19 years ago. I will have these plates too when my kids are old too :)

Grandma (GG) Uncle Marv and the girls..

Aunt Marta.. Dylan is sure happy to have that hat on!
"OK, use your manners"

Melissa, DAD, and Victoria

Melissa and Victoria

"Make a silly face"

"Now a nice face"



Kids ROK.
They sure do!
It was a great pleasure..even in the rain to watch the kids give out candy canes and gift to those who are really in need this year! What a great project! Here are some pictures of the day..


"Boys those are not toys!" :)

Here's your gift..

"Singing in the rain"
A prayer in the rain for a young baby boy who was not home but in the hospital..
To church he came on Sunday!

"Heres the plan"