Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Joy

Something happens at Christmas time after you have children..It becomes less about you and more about providing all the joy you can for your children. Mike and I did not exchange gifts this year so that we could give our children gifts. The sheer joy of watching there faces light up when they open gifts is the true blessing.
Below is one of the best gifts we were given from the kids. Seth and Faith made us a plate. The reason why this is so special to me is because my mom still has the plate I made her over 19 years ago. I will have these plates too when my kids are old too :)

Grandma (GG) Uncle Marv and the girls..

Aunt Marta.. Dylan is sure happy to have that hat on!
"OK, use your manners"

Melissa, DAD, and Victoria

Melissa and Victoria

"Make a silly face"

"Now a nice face"


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