Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This is a 2nd post of our trip..The order will be mixed up if you haven't looked at the other photo's. Oh well..

This is a church/recovery center that we worked to help clean out can see the mold up the walls!. Mike is carrying the cross out of the building to be tossed out.

Here is my team of gals...(starting on the right) Liz, Me, Sandy, Dotti and Lena after a hard day of work..

Here is all of us in our has-mat suits..We so cute :) By the way in this house Mike took out the remains of the home owners dog. Also the home owners mom and dad. They were in a vase and a base of a lamp!

Here you can see that everything in her home was turned to mush...You can see in the photo to the left a water line on the wall.(to the far right of the picture)

Guys in the hood..Real tough looken' :)

Can you see the size of that tree on top of the house!!! The dark photo is a church that is in an area that is still closed to the public area received over 20 feet of water. The next picture is the water line above the exit sign in an industrial building.

Here in the same complex is a dry cleaners who windows were blown out and it looked like a ghost town. The white in the sign is the waterline. This was so weird to see the clothes just hanging on the line and still in the washers..

These photo are some of the areas of Miss. This used to be upscale condo's. Nothing in this area has not been cleaned up and no one has been back. There were some toilets still in the ground :) When we walked through the rubble the only thing we could find that looked like life was things like light switch plates,dishes and small trinkets. This area was hit by a 30 foot title wave.

This bridge is completely destroyed and buckled..

Yet in all this there is still HOPE

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I will try not to put eight hundred photos in this posting but I do want you all to see a little bit of our trip to New Orlends..I will put captions next to the picture so you can understand what your looking at!! I have never encountered so much devastation yet so much Hope! For me personally I walk away being full life was spoken into like never before. Here is a small look...

This is a distribution center that gives food to 15,000-20,000 people a week, we worked here doing everything for putting together food boxes to cleaning the warehouse. Here I learned that even if I was only breaking boxes down for the garbage it was necessary in the everyday running of the center.

To the right is what we saw in most houses..Black Mold..this is what happens when a home or church gets any were from 3-30 feet of water..

This is what people were feeling about having to leave the only thing they have..

Mike and I and a few others put this tree back into the ground after it fell into this families yard-What a diffrence a little deed like this was to them..the team also cleaned the intire yard and the attic of the house but..they were most impressed with the tree.. it represented life! We continued to talk with this couple the rest of the week stoping in for tea and bringing them friends..

In This home is were I formed a life long relationship with a team member Lena. Together we put are heads down and baged up 5 rooms of nothing but soppy mess..This is also were we learned the "cochroch dance" these things were so big we had to name them...The next picture is a small look at pile of their life..They will never be the same for the Hope that we were able to give them! The Bottom photo will be of Lena and I sowing you the water line of the next home we worked on to tear our all the panneling and carpet