Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile..
Things have been crazy here..I have had 3 people move into our house in the last week.
I am also very busy with the administration of the children's ministry of my church Lifegate.
In addition to that we have been trying to stay focused on trusting the Lord for our prosperity. Any one of the above is add them together and you have a big pile of..well you know :)

We don't have any "Real" pumpkin patches we went to the closest one, which happen to be 45 min away..I know right? Yes everyone buys there pumpkins in the store here. So next year I will be growing pumpkins in my yard :)
Here are some pictures

Now normally I have pictures with me and the kids..But it was a bad "figure" day soo Dad was the one in front of the camera

Well, here is one of me from the good part up :)
And my sister who is expecting a baby..

And who can resist the baby again

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hope Cut Her Hair

Well my girls played beauty shop..
I was sooooo sad I cant even tell Hope had a mullet..
Now these pictures dont show how bad it was, but this is the outcome of what we did to "save" her hair.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to US!
Boy have 10 years gone by quickly.
It's funny how different you can look 10 years later :) Oh well we wouldn't trade it for the world, right?
I'm so lucky to have truly found someone who not only "completes me" but who brings out the best of who I am.
I KNOW I am blessed to have such a successful marriage.

Last night at dinner :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Its been Awhile

It's been least for me! :)
I have been very busy.
I traviled down to California for my grandfathers funeral, which I had to sing for..Very hard!
We did have some fun with family..which was good!
This is me and my sis and mom, we are at a concert called "Cashed Out"

Johnny Cash Music

My brother and I

My cousin Angie and Vanessa at a Karaoke place

Me and Sis

Me in TJ looking at the paper flowers and picking up supplies for a party.

The Beach in San Diego. My sis and my Cousin Angie