Monday, April 17, 2006


Easter Sunday was beautiful! The pictures don't do justice for the way everything looked! I was proud. More than that I was proud being able to sing next to people I admire. What a honor to be able to serve with people who's hearts seeks after God! Thank You to all of you Karen S, Jess, Andrea and everyone else you worked so hard!! Karen K Thank You for all your hard work in making the Easter Kids Choir look and sound so good!

In my family we all know it is a special shout out to my grandma who passed away so early in life, olives on our fingers! Better make sure your kids do it too Nate!

Cute kids in special Easter Dresses and digs! Thanks Grandma C.

The Hunt is ON!!
This is how we all felt when the day was over!


West Coast Kay Family said...

Wow - Hope reminds me of Grace with her hair like that!! Too cute!!!
And yes, great job to everyone on our fantastic Easter Service!!! Especially you Melissa - with all the decor AND singing... all of it was beautiful and I'm so proud of you!!!
Love you!

Karen K said...

Everything looked great, Melissa! You did wonderful decorating and of course singing! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I am glad your mom enjoyed it, you know it is my heart! :)
Keep putting up cute pictures of the kids....I love 'em!

Cagle Clan said...

Great Job Mel on the decor!!!! It was beautiful!!! Of coarse it was wonderful to have you singing too, you have a heart of worship and the joy of the Lord is in you! Thank you for giving that away. :) I'm proud of you.