Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some House Pictures

So.. I know some of you are "bugging" out and cant wait to see some pictures of our here are some pictures of some rooms that are NEAR completion.. I hate putting pictures up when things aren't perfect..but we have to get more money in order to get some missing pieces of furniture. :)

This is the mural and new paint colors we did our master bedroom

While one side of our room is almost soild windows the other side has two glass doors for bedroom our solution for now..I think it works :)

My kitchen..We have painted and updated some things..I want to redo the counter tops at some point too.
I am collecting wine boottle lables and decor..I have some small pices I have added so far.

The dinning/sitting area. This room is coming along..
I still have to add some new family pictures and we will be taking out the tile and putting the smae hardwood thats in the house in its place. Also were you see the windows on the very left will be our new back door. We then will take out the fireplace. (it doesnt work)

I will post some more pictures soon-
Mike is finishing the down stairs bathroom with new counter top and stay tuned :)


The Riley's said...

Hey Mel,

The house looks really great.. I can't wait to SEE it.. (not in pictures).... the mural in the bedroom looks really good... Im glad you guys are settling in.

Its been a week so far... Im coping!

Miss you!!!

Love Jules

West Coast Kay Family said...

OMG!!! You're right - I love the master bedroom! You have just motivated me to finish mine!!!

Looks awesome!! Wish I was there to help :(

Love you!!

Andrea said...

It's beautiful! Good job!