Monday, May 01, 2006

This went well...

I found that writing my thoughs out instead of just putting up pictures had its share of reviews.. so I think that maybe I'll write somemore...I never knew that being who God created you to be could sometimes be so hard. To take the road less traveled. To do what God is calling you to do, verses the easy way. As families struggle to make day to day choices and then choices that may effect our families direction, I challenge you as Jess has,to have a mission statement and run all things through that. Something in Steves message that stands out is...God doesn't change His mind on the calling He has for your life... When the going gets tough and we want to throw our hands up and get out of dodge, the Lord doesn't then say.."Hey you know this is too tough for you, let me change what I have created you for and the destiny I have for your life.." Yah right! The Lord remains steadfast as He has instructed us to do. This is then the "testing of our faith" for after our faith has been tested, it is only then, we can see the glories work of His hands!


Cagle Clan said...

Good get a gold star!!! :)
I'm so impressed that you did your "homework" already! :)
There was a lot of different things Steve touched on yesterday that I knew applied to some of the things you have been sharing and talking about.
Good job applying it to you and then sharing it with others...that's what it's all about. :)
Proud and HONORED (see I'm the lucky one!!)to be your friend!
Jess :)

The Riley's said...

Nicely said! I am so thankful to have such a knowledgeable friend such as yourself... In the many times I have been tempted to take the "Easy" way out..God has been there showing me that the "Easy" path is not always that path to him! If we don't have termoil, dissapointment, loss or sadness then we are not taking the path God has provided for us. Its nice to know that in all the times I have experienced those feelings I am making myself more humble before the Lord and when I meet him in heaven it will be that much sweeter! Love you... Julia

Carpenters said...

I wish I could have gotten to know you more when I lived there. I love reading your blog. We all have trials. Financial, physical, mental, spiritual, etc going through them just makes us stronger when we make the right choices and choose god over the world.

Andrea said...

That's awesome! Keep those thoughts coming!