Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sorry everybody that is has taken so long for me to start a new blog! I wanted to get it up and runing again before baby Hopes first birthday and before Christmas,being that I will bew taking sooo many picture then. Mike and I will be heading out for New Orleands and will post some of the pictures here when we get home.We love you all and thank you for taking an intrest in our lives..


Sharon Thompson said...

What an awesome family tradition - keep it up! I love you!

Carpenters said...

Hey Melissa! Cutest kids ever in a Pumpkin Patch!

Karon Carpenter

Cagle Clan said...

Better not let Grace see that comment Karon! :o)
Melissa, I am so glad you are back up and blogging...yeah! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family, and staying current on all that you are up to. Although since we get together every week right now, I feel pretty current on things. :)
Love, Jess