Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

Well Yesterday the first day of school arrived!
Here is Alexis in her pretty dress..She loves this dress, you can tell she feels pretty. Alexis thought the first day of school was boring and hope they do more..:) Don't think she'll have to wait long..She has a split teacher-Which means half the day she does Math, English the next half she does Reading and Social Studies with a diffrent teacher.

Here is Seth-Ready to go.. After school couldnt wait to tell me the details of a rewards program which they earn amounts of "money" when they behave- he wanted to tell me everything just right.

Faith-She wanted to show me all the pages of take home information..I needed to know what was important and what was not..

Daddy walked them to class and meet the teachers-

Well as for Hope she believes she is going to her own class-Kindergarden. We keep reminding her that it wont be for a few years, but I have set up a homework room and she will get to do school with mom. :)

Dylan is finding other projects to do


Andrea said...

What beautiful kids you have!

Victoria said...

How cute! i like the room u set up! thats super sweet! love u guys

Sharon Thompson said...

They look awesome, very sharp - that's a great confidence booster for the first day at a new school. Good job, Mom. I pray for a school year of great successes and wonderful, Godly friends.

Loving you,
Mom / Grandma

Cagle Clan said...

No, no, no...I check your blog everyday!!! I really enjoy reading it. I just read about 30 others too, so sometimes I am really bad about leaving comments. But, I love following along with you all...and the kids look BEAUTIFUL as always!! Look forward to continuing to follow along with you and your family on this big new adventure you all are on! :)

The Riley's said...

Love the pics..... the kids look nice and brown (tan)! I hope the kids like their new school. Hope looks like she is all ready for kindergarten..

Miss you!


The Young Family said...

All the kids look gorgeous! I bet they are excited to go and meet new friends.

Thanks for the great post with pics!