Monday, August 18, 2008

Hope Sings for you, ENJOY

Make sure to "Pause" the music on the side of my blog in order to hear her sing :)


Sharon Thompson said...

Oh my ...... that is a gold-medal singer -- let's hear more of that! Maybe the Thompson Family Choir could perform for us as well? Keep it up :-)

Hugs & Kisses coming your way.

Mom / Grandma

Searching for my Sanity or Jen...whichever you prefer... said...

oh my how cute is that! I see the humidity down their has really brought out her curls. :) She has a beautiful singing voice and Dylans clapping was just so cute.

How cute. :)


The Riley's said...

Seeing this really makes me miss her! Still as sweet as can be!

I loved being able to talk to you after my race on Sunday! Even thought you weren't able to be there I know that you were with me the entire time!

I miss you... more than you will ever know!

Love you Jules

Victoria said...

I finnally Got a blogger! so I can comment! I forgot you had one of these things sence just recently. Now I can see how everything is going! and now you can check up on me. :p (lets just hope I can figure this out!) When I saw this video it reminded me of the times in your living room, when we would always bug her to sing. haha. She is defendly going to be a choir child!!
LOVE YOUU, and Miss you guys sooo much, even more when I see all these pictures.