Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New House

They accepted an offer on our new house today...
This is a 4 bed 2 bath 2465 sq foot home on a little over an acre. We have a pool and hot tub, seperate office and garage, also an additional play room for the kids..
The best part my kitchen has 3 ovens!!
Oh ya, if you didnt know..this house is located in Burleson Texas! :)
Here are just two pictures, more to come!


The Cheerio Queen said...

are you actually moving or are you kidding?

Parties by Design said...

Yes, we are actually moving! :) :(
July 14th.
More info to come..

The Young Family said...

Wow congrats on the house and the move! I would seriously consider moving to Texas! I just love Texas. the Fort Worth area is so cool - isn't it around that area? I think that is what Julia said, I am happy for you all!


Searching for my Sanity or Jen...whichever you prefer... said...

oh wow bummer! I mean congrats for you guys of course! But bummer the kids absolutely love you guys in sunday school.


Cagle Clan said...

Beautiful house!!!!!! That's awesome!

Cagle Clan said...

Wait...July 14th...isn't that the
2nd day of Kids Camp????

Andrea said...