Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Surprise....Be the first to know!


Although the picture is small...I can tell you for sure it is a baby..

Mike and I were say the find out we will be having another baby. My due date is around the end of October. Another ultra sound is scheduled for 5 weeks "just to be sure" its only one baby. We are shocked but at the same time blessed!
One thing I have realized in all this..I have so little control in this life :) The Lord continues to bless me beyond my own comprehension.
"A good man's (woman's) steps are ordered by the Lord"


West Coast Kay Family said...


"The new Worship Pastors" said...


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

okay so I meant to write more in my last post, but hit publish before I was ready!! :)

Congratulations! How fun another baby! How far along are you? I am so excited to watch you grow and share in this pregnancy through your blog. Grow big and strong baby Thompson!

Carpenters said...

Oh my gosh! 5 kids! That's amazing! Congratulations! Yea!

Andrea said...


Cagle Clan said...

WHAT!!??? How did this happen!!?? :)
I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for you...and for ME!!!! I LOVE babies!!!!! It's been TOO long since we have had one around!!!
We can always count on you though!! hehehe
I love you! Blessings on you and your little carry on!

The Young Family said...



Jess, If you are not sure how it happened ~ well we need to talk!! More importantly John must be working too much! ;) smiles. (you know I am joking, love ya!)

richard said...

You can do it!!

Mackenzie said...

that is amazing! Congrats! make sure to update your blog often!