Friday, March 23, 2007


Anyone know any good natural cures for "morning sickness" that lasts all day. I have been out for a week unable to go and do anything!! I am willing to try just about anything :) I didnt have this with the other kids so it is a new thing... I did get some prego-pops that are sour flavor that seem to take the edge off, but thats about it. Any thoughts??


West Coast Kay Family said...

No idea...
but, I say it's a boy then!!!

Which is what I was thinking anyway :)

Seth didn't affect you so because there was a girl in there with him :)))

Andrea said...

Oh dear! I can relate! I had all day sickness with both of my boys! I don't know if it would work for you, and it may sound silly...but, hey, whatever works... The only thing that worked for me was sipping ice cold, diluted, orange sports drink! I have no idea how I discovered that, but I'm glad I did! I feel your pain, sister! Hang in there!

Cagle Clan said...

As you know....I also had ALL day non-stop sickness with both my BOYS too!!! Hmmmmm....wonder if there is a theme here??? :)
I just kept sprite or 7-up and saltine crackers within reach at ALL times. I had them everywhere. In my purse, glove compartment of my car...everywhere.
Hopefully this will just last you another week or so and then you'll feel GREAT the rest of your pregnancy!! In Jesus name!

Marcie said...

Ok I googled this subject & here's what I came up with. I didn't have morning sickness with Noah, so that doesn't really support everyone's boy theory! I have tried none of these remedies, but here ya go!!!

-Try ginger, an alternative remedy thought to settle the stomach and help quell queasiness. See if you can find ginger ale made with real ginger. (Most supermarket ginger ales aren't.) Grate some fresh ginger into hot water to make ginger tea, or see if ginger candies help.

A few studies found that taking powdered ginger root in capsules provided some relief, but be sure to talk to your provider before taking ginger supplements. There's no way to be sure how much of the active ingredient you're getting in these supplements, so some experts think it's best not to use them. (As with many other things that are helpful in small amounts, the effects of megadoses are unknown.)

-• Try an acupressure band, a soft cotton wristband that's sold at drugstores. You strap it on so that the plastic button pushes against an acupressure point on the underside of your wrist. This simple and inexpensive device, designed to ward off seasickness, has helped some pregnant women through morning sickness — although research suggests that it may be largely a placebo effect.

-The aroma of peppermint can help a queasy stomach. Fill a large bowl with hot water. Place two drops of peppermint essential oil in the bowl and place it on a table near your bed. Make sure it is in a safe area so there is no risk of it being knocked over. Or use an aromatherapy diffuser, which can be purchased at some health food stores.

Here's some Folk/Old Wives tales Remedies~
-Bananas Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep up blood sugar levels and avoid morning sickness.

B-vitamins Take a high-dose B-complex vitamin with at least 100 mg of B-6, morning and night, for both motion sickness and morning sickness.

Cloves Chew five whole cloves.

Cola syrup The age-old standby for nausea and upset stomach has been cola syrup. For adults take 1-2 tablespoons every 15 minutes until the symptoms subside (no more than six doses in a 24 hour period). For children it's 1-2 teaspoons. There is caffeine in cola syrup, so it is best not to take it before bedtime if you are affected by caffeine. Warning: Also, don't take cola syrup if you are a diabetic.

Ginger/honey Make a tea by mixing 1 teaspoon fresh ginger juice and 1 teaspoon honey in a cup of boiling water; drink as needed.

Ice Research at Penn State University suggests that applying a cold-pack to your forehead may alleviate the symptoms.

Lemon Suck on a lemon wedge.

Peppermint Put a small drop of peppermint essential oil under your nose. It will help stop your stomach from churning.

Red raspberry leaf tea helps relieve morning sickness.

Let me know if any of these work. I left out all the pills & things like that because I figured you want a more natural approach anyhow!! Good Luck!!

Cagle Clan said...

Oh!!! I just heard of something else that works!!!
Cleaning other people's houses!!!
OK OK, I'll admit it...I'm lost without you. :)

Carpenters said...

I had horrible morning sickness that made me throw up almost after every meal! Usually though it was late at night but it lasted until 4 months! I tried eating those sugar ginger you can buy in the spice isle, totally didn't work. Ginger Ale didn't work, nothing worked! Hopefully you can find something that will work for you! I know meat and vegetables really set it off.