Saturday, February 18, 2006

Karen's Birthday

Karen's Birthday Adventure.. First a stop to get her make-up done..
Then we meet up with the girls of the hour and off we go to Target for appetizer..See you would have to understand that the day and evening was based around Karen picking numbers which corresponded with a place to go. Target was the first stop off to Bahamma breeze for dinner-Don't we look great!-
Time for a photo shoot..Let me tell you each of us at least took 3 photos before we liked one. OK I lied Jess and I took 5 or 6..


Cagle Clan said...

I cannot tell you how much FUN I had that night!!!! It was a total blast! Thank you for doing that and inviting me, thank you Karen for having a birthday!! :)
Love, Photo Queen
PS- Just to clarify....Christine was the sexy librarian!!!

The Riley's said...

Thanks again Mel for including me in this fantastic evening.. I had a great time... I think we should go to Target for appetizers more often..HeHe! Chirstine would make a HOT librarian... Karen looked beautiful in her new clothes and makeup! Fun Times? Happy Birthday Karen.. I hope it wasn't to tramatizing.. (Mountains and all) Love you! Julia

Cagle Clan said...

By the way, I just have to say...those are NOT beers in the picture :)

Karen K said...

thanks for clarifying the beverage choice, Jess! Yes, they were fancy pants root beer, you know, the good kind in the bottle.

I had a great time, too! Thanks for doing it, Mel!