Monday, February 06, 2006

Dinner Party

When you tell some of your friends you are having an interactive dinner party..Watch out..They have NO idea what's in store. We thought it would be a fun idea to have an "Iron Chef" dinner party. Well some people didn't have any idea what that was (it's a food network show). The catch the men were split into two teams and the women judged. The surprise ingredient that all 4 dishes they needed to come up with had to have as the star...Well just wait until you see the photo's. Here are some of the highlights..
Everyone wondering what they are doing..No not fear factor Jess...
The teams in uniform!
The surprise ingredient..APPLES
15 minutes to plan..
60 Minutes to cook and 2 Life Lines..They are men after all..
Time to Judge..No Karen there is no cinnamon in that.. Sorry Christine no photo's of you and I eating :)

And the winners are...
The "Super White Iron CHIEF Spoon" goes to..Mike and John...Yes that says chief not chef..My error...They did feel like chiefs after that accomplishment though..
Hope to have another contest soon...It was fun!


Cagle Clan said...

That was SOOO much fun!! And it gave me a much needed break from the kitchen....Stop Laughing!! :o)
I ate SO much that night, but it was a blast.
Umm...Melissa, I know I had to have taken at least one good picture that night, unlike the ones you put on here of me!! Help a sista out and post a GOOD picture for redemption sake!! :)

The Riley's said...

I just have to say to Jess... I don't think you could have a bad picture.. You are to cute for words... The group picture of you guys is priceless.. Jess and John look like "Were doing what" and Karen and Shawn look like "OH CRAP"... Olaf is like "Wha happen!" From what I have heard you guys had a blast.. So.. Karen you don't have to be jealous.. I wasn't at this one! Love you guys!!! GO CHIEFS!!

Cagle Clan said...

Thank you Julia, that is very sweet of you to say. It ALMOST makes me feel better about that picture! :) Love ya!~
I'm so proud of my Iron "CHIEF"!!! Now I just need to put him to work at home with all his skills!! That rice dish was YUMMY!!! :)