Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Birthday Party

This year for my Birthday I wanted to get together with my friends and just have a relaxing time! With the moving and grooving of the holiday it was a well deserved chill out time. We had fondue fun movies and lots of sweet treats, well that is except for Jess who needed to bring her sugar free candy and roasted beans! I would have made her leave them at the door except for they were good and she ate real sugar too..
It was so good to have new and old friends spend this time together its something that should happen a lot more then it does. I'm sorry for my buds who couldn't make it! Don't worry we will have another party soon..Knowing me:)

OK Karen you knew this photo was going on my blog you are a beauty!Marcie your the best..Good Luck on your new job!Julia your a rock star and I don't just say that 'cause your my daughters favorite I'm so glad you could come you really have to come around more often you we always have a blast..

My sis..10 years younger then me and such a help to me..You have such a sweet heart! I love you..Danae' besides the point you said you would dress casual for the party..Yah right..You are a blessing in my life I appreciate your tender spirit and yet your conquer anything attitude. Jess your beans were good don't worry. Also loved the slippers always look forward to getting real with you. Leaning about you and from you. You are a wonderful friend.

To my moms..Don't they look great! Thanks for coming to chaperon and make sure we stayed in line! ps when you left at 9 we stayed up till 12:30! :)
Did I write enough Jess??


The Riley's said...

No You Rock! Me come around more ofter...? You know my number sister! Just joking. I had a great time... I love you( not just because your my favorite kids mom)!! Starbucks? Scrapbook Nook? Call Me!


Cagle Clan said...

Good job!! Thank you for the nice things you said. I didn't even make you do that! :) Your party was a lot of fun!! I will post pictures on my blog soon, although my group picture was totally camera is LAME! But, at least I have a digital camera, so that is a blessing! Love you....Happy Birthday! Jess

The Young Family said...

Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday Happy Birthday~Happy Birthday to you! Don't you feel like I was there singing?
Love ya, Em

Marcie said...

Whew, I'm impressed you wrote anything at all!!! :)

Victoria said...

♥ Awww I love You!!!! That's so sweet to read things that you put about me! ♥
You light up my life SIS ((: