Monday, January 23, 2006

Look at her!

Look at this baby starting to walk..She is sooo proud of her self she can hardly stand it!Maybe it's because we are all on the side lines clapping and making a bunch of noise..You know how it is! Did you see Hope has enough hair now to put into pig tails!

Give this baby a slice of pizza and look at her! These are the pictures that stay with me forever. I can't get enough of a messy baby. I guess it's because if I ever have a neat child (Lord knows I wouldn't) I could use these pictures against them later in life..


The Riley's said...

My Baby is getting soooo Big.. I have so enjoyed watched her grow this past year! GO HOPE! Walkin and eatin pizza whats more!

Love you baby girl...

Momma Julia

Cagle Clan said...

So sweet!!!!
That mess would give me a heart attack...your a good Mom!!!