Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall Fun-My Baby Turns One

Pumpkin Carving the night before halloween

Its Halloween and my baby Dylan Turned one.. I cant believe it, where does the time go??

Time to go trick or treating with the Pastors..

Seth the DR

Alexis is Pippy Longstockings

Faith is a Cheetah Girl

Hope is Snow White

Dylan is Pooh dressed like a Honey Bee

Off to Sonic for .31 cent corn dogs for dinner

Then to the house for a birthday Candle

Cake Face

A New Book


Jenna said...

cute pictures Melissa! I am especially fond of the one where Dylan is dressed like winnie the pooh as a honeybee...mainly because Krista had a costume just like that when she was one! and then Joey wore it too! :) Love the pippy longstocking outfit. :)

Marcie said...

Holy Lordie! When did Alexis start looking like a really big kid anyway??? How did I miss that!?!? And darn ti all watch out world--here comes Faith!!! WhooHOO!
Everyone looks so cute!
Did Alexis even know who Pippie Longstocking was?? hehehe