Sunday, June 29, 2008

Garden Party.

My last party in Washington! I have been planning this party, a surprise for Jessy W. mom for a couple of months now. Iam finally done, wow was it fun, but very exhasting! We ALL worked really hard and it shows, another success~ I dont know what I would have done without all my faboulous help.
My MOM! shes a rock star, she cooked and cooked that sauce all day, and night and then came to do all the "ugly" work like tieing a million bows for the chairs.~
Julia, what a trooper, I cant beleive shes not coming with me, I know durring a party, she wants to cut my legs off and tie my mouth shut but in the end she loves me :) I cant, I should say I dont want to do this without her, shes my right hand!!
My dad (Mark) he was there to help with all the grunt work all day and there to serve everyone graciously.
My dad (Mike) well he wasnt even suppost to be there, well some how he stepped in and I put him to work too!! Thank you, I know your back will never be the same!
My HUSBAND! a man who never stops and who I am the hardest on! He always gives me 110% and (at least on party day) doesnt argue too much :) I LOVE him so much, he is my world! thanks for believing in me!
Oh ya, THANK YOU Leanard for helping to tear down, and everything else too :)
More pictures on my party blog soon, better ones!
Here is just a few before I tear down the computer :)

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