Thursday, November 08, 2007

Baby Pictures

Our Pumpkin baby :)
7 days old

Sweet baby boy

First Bath

Sweet Hope and Baby

On our way to church 4 days old


Cagle Clan said...

Those are GREAT pics!!!! He looks SO cute. He is such a handsome little man. I am so happy for you guys. Hope you get some REST today!!!! :) Enjoy this down time, don't over do it...enjoy all those meals, that is my favorite part!! :) hehe

West Coast Kay Family said...

Congratulations!! He is adorable and I can't wait to meet him!!

I didn't get asked to do meals?!?! What're you tryin' to say, huh?!?! ;)

Love ya!!

Marcie said...

oh that pumpkin idea is SO cute! It turned out Great!!

Anonymous said...

Pics turned out great! You are a crazy woman going to church with him only 4 days old!=) I think it took me a few weeks to even go any where!

Andrea said...


The Young Family said...

I agree with Shanda - you are a crazy lady for leaving your house when baby was four days old! Truly amazing Mel! Baby is absolutely adorable, he looks so big in the pumpkin pics, great idea! Congrats to you and your beautiful family!

Kenzie said...

Completely adorable! So happy for you all! What a beautiful family!