Monday, July 30, 2007

Beach Vacation

Fun at Ocean Shores:
We always have fun at the beach, this year the weather was great and the kids spent alot of time playing in the waves! Enjoy the pictures!


Cagle Clan said...

My gosh your family is pretty!! Seriously, I just want to hang pics of your kids in my house and they aren't even my kids! :)
OK, Faith has that model look down! Way too cute!
And in that last pic...Alexis looks like she is a teenager..if you blow it up. Does she have make-up on??? :)
Too too cute.
So glad you guys had fun!

Parties by Design said...

No, no make-up this time :)
You crack me up..they could be the kids in the pictures when you buy the picture frames.. :)Thanks Jess..

Andrea said...

Great pics, as always! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Now there is some cute pics!

The Young Family said...

I have to agree with Jess, you could be the family in the portrait frames! Sounds like a great time at the Ocean! Em

Anonymous said...
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