Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

My Mothers Day!

I find the best gift of the day was just being with my children and loving them. They were so proud of the gifts the each picked out at the dollars store, but I was truly honored by the joy that came with them giving me them!

The day started early getting ready for church..What do I wear? where are my shoes? Can I put on lipstick and don't forget to do my hair..

We finally get in the car and to church to find Seth has his shoes on the wrong feet and Faith is wearing two left feet and the other shoe we know is in the car for Alexis is no where to be found. So it switch the shoes, wear two left feet when you sing and flip flops with your dress for now and Alexis wear your flip flops. So good thing we keep so many extra pairs of shoes in the car for this kind of disaster...

We both have a busy day ahead of us with children's church, praise and worship team, stage set up and children's choir..
By the time church was over I was ready to go home and nap, but we head down to Ivar's and have fish and chips and a short walk on the pier before we head home, grab and movie ice cream toppings and some dinner for later. So I had some dinner but by the time it was 6pm I had a headache and was ready for bed. So we watched our recorded shows and I headed for bed.. No worries Mike puts the kids to bed, not before they all have ice cream.

So another day in the life of a mother right. I think that who ever made all the mothers day cards that say.."Sit back relax and do nothing all day" Isn't a mother. What do you think?

My Husband and I on Mothers Day!

A Special "Shout Out" to all mine and Karen's Leadership kids! You guys rock and we love you! You all did an awsome Job Sunday!


Andrea said...

I hear that, sister! (About the Mother's Day cards!) So, I'm wondering...ARE you superwoman?

Parties by Design said...

The answer is NO I so am not a super woman. I always am looking to do something greater. I guess thats my stength and weakness, cause what Is great is right in frount of me.

Cagle Clan said...

What?? Am I right in front of you?? JK. :)
What a precious, beautiful, and AMAZING family you have!!!!
Savor special times like these.
Happy Mother's Day!!
YOU deserve it!
Love, Jess

Parties by Design said...

Yes that includes you too Jess! :)