Friday, June 16, 2006


So I have taken Jess up on the whole running thing, she says it works so... I wanted to say today has marked the completion of my second week running daily and eating right. Maybe it doesn't seem like a lot but you try going from no running to everyday for 2 weeks. So I'm taking it slow I run in increments..Walk 2 min then run 3 walk 2 run 3...So on..For a total of 30minutes. So next week I will try walk 1 min run 4 then eventually I will be running the whole time.It's a way you can work into the whole workout without already being super woman. I'm sure glad I have the treadmill at home so I can sweat and nobody can see, unlike Jess I'm not cute when I sweat. I'm still looking for a workout buddy..I guess after the whole sweat thing nobody will take me up on the offer,hum..maybe I should ahve left that comment for the end? Oh Well! My goal is to be in some type of swimming suit by August for the twins birthday. I can do it right??Just keep it up!!


Andrea said...

Ahhhh...I think you've inspired me! Well, let's hope! I was doing so well at working out consistantly and then, when I got sick a while back, I totally stopped! Yucky! I really need to get back into it! I'm with you though...I prefer to work out at home. If I had to take the time to worry about what I looked like (not to mention, do something with the kids) I would REALLY never work out! One day I will have a treadmill! Oh yes.... Keep up the good work!

Cagle Clan said...

Go Melissa Go!!!!
Just for the record I am NOT cute at the gym...I SWEAT!! :) And worse, I always just roll out of bed and I look pretty scary!

"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Go Mel Go! You can do it! You are going to look fab!
I will be joining you in the work out world once Judah is born! I so miss my cute jeans! :)
Keep it up.