Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It's what I have been up to the last few weeks!

Before and After of my Job

This 2nd photo is upstairs no before photo


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Wow! That house looks great, good job!!!

Marcie said...

Can I just say Props to Melissa & to James & all of his crew too! IT all turned out great, Mel. Glad the homeowners went for the whole lit up crown molding idea!! (Please see all crown molding, wainscoating & trim for James's work in Pictures everybody!!) Just know that James & Melissa are all avaliable for hire!!! :)

Karen K said...

So, now I see why I haven't talked, hung out with, or laughed with you in FOREVER! I thought maybe you replaced me with Jess and I was going to have to take her out back.....you know, I could take her down I think now, she is pretty thin...one hard shove and away she goes. Of course, then John would come after me and that would be it. Just kiddin' Jess! I loves ya!

Mel, looks fab and I am proud of you. Very proud. :)

The Riley's said...

Karen you crack me up.......

Actually to be honest she was spending all her time with me! Can you take me? She said that we would have some easy fun stuff (leave the hard stuff to the Guys) Remember Melissa... YOU LIED!!! Hopefully next time I can spend more time working with you and less time chasing "STEVE" at Home Depot! Now when I walk into South Hill Home Depot... The people that work in the electrical and plumbing department RUN! Thanks Mel for the wonderful memories and being a part of this HUGE transformation!

Cagle Clan said...

Oh my gosh Karen, you are TOO funny!!!!! :)
But I am still one tough cookie!
Love you, Jess
PS- Beautiful work Melissa!